1. Regarding the topic of inclusiveness, there is inclusiveness of those outside the church and inclusiveness within the church. The former is a tricky subject and could be another discussion, but let’s talk about inclusiveness and tolerance within the church, especially a congregation like SIBC. Please tell us what you feel tolerance and inclusiveness within the church exactly is or should be.

2. What do you think are the key barriers to this kind of tolerance and inclusiveness within the church…do they involve theology and doctrine, or attitude, or misunderstanding, or what? And what can we do about these barriers?

3. On the other side of the issue, what do you feel are the boundaries, if any, that might limit tolerance and inclusiveness…how far should we go in this, are there limits to inclusiveness or participation in any ways…and perhaps even the deepest question of who is a Christian and who is not?

4. Jesus Himself seemed to be quite inclusive…so much so that the conservative church leaders of His day condemned him for it. He included Samaritans, prostitutes, tax collectors, Roman soldiers, and others considered outsiders of His day in His fellowship. What do you think He, our Master, was trying to say to us about inclusion?

5. If inclusiveness within the church is modeled by Jesus Himself, and is clearly something we should be doing as the church, then what kinds of things will foster that and what kinds of changes in how we do church might have to be modified for it to be inclusive?