The Scandal of Grace

  1. We learned that the word translated “offense” is from the Greek word “scandalion.”  How does the word “scandalous” shed light on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ?
  2. How “scandalous” is the gospel as it is communicated in our day?
  3. What are some things that churches and disciples can do to communicate the scandal of grace in our world?
  4. Is it possible that church members in our day could be as scandalized by the life and ministry of Jesus (grace and the gospel) as were the religious leaders in Jesus’ day.
  5. The purpose of the parable of the eccentric land owner was to communicate the truth that grace reveals the evil in the hearts of people.  What are some ways you have observed or experienced this in others, or in your own life?

Read Galatians 6:11.  How does the word “scandal” or “offense” as used to describe the cross of Christ shed light on what Christianity is all about?