Use It or Lose It (Matthew 25:14-30)

  1. How does the truth of “use it or lose it” apply to our lives and walk with Christ? (Remember the examples of exercise, practice, and others given during the message)
  2. Why are people afraid of failure? How does Christ set us free from this fear? Can someone share a testimony in this area for the rest of the group?
  3. How does our view of God affect how we live our lives? What difference does this make in the church and its teaching as a whole?
  4. What do you believe the Lord would have said to the one talent man if he had invested the talent, but failed to produce a return?
  5. What are some ways we can use our gifts and talents that may not be overtly Christian, but still serve as a witness for Christ?
  6. Take time to reflect on the Virgin Mary’s response to the news that as an unmarried woman she conceived the Son of God. What are some things we can learn from Mary’s courage and faith?