Saying Goodbye (Acts 20:32-38)

1. The New Testament has a lot to say about finishing. Luke 9:62; Matthew 24:13; 1 Cor. 9:24-27; Philippians 1:6;   2 Tim. 1:12-14.
What seems to be the common thread in these passages?

2. There is a healthy tension between God’s promises and God’s warnings to believers.
John 10:27-29; 2 Cor. 13:5; 1 Peter 5:8
Why is there such a need for Christians to be warned? What do we need to be warned about?

3. How can we apply each piece of advice? Discuss how you can individually apply this advice. Discuss how you can apply this advice as a small group.  Discuss how you can apply this advice as a church.

Good Advice to Finish the Course
1. Pay careful attention to yourself. Prov. 4:23; 2 Cor. 2:11; Heb. 12:15; 2 Cor. 10:3-5, Philippians 4:8-9; Proverbs 24:16
2. Learn to live simply. Philippians 4:11-12
3. Help the weak. Gal. 6:1-5
4. Seek the grace of God in the word of God.