How Cosmology Confirms Faith in God’s Word

  1. What is the “god-of-the-gaps” response use by Christians (in the past)?
  2. Can you give some examples of the “god-of-the-gaps” argument?
  3. Why is the “god-of-the-gaps” argument a bad one?
  4. What has happened in the area of science over the past 50 years or so?
  5. Why do you think it has been said that scientifically these are exciting times we are living in for the Christian church?
  6. How is it that we can describe our life on Earth as living in the right place at the right time?
  7. Explain the correlation between life and discovery.
  8. Is a full solar eclipse just a good show or does it have some practical purpose for science?
  9. What does the description of our Earth as “a pale blue dot lost on a cosmic sea” reveal about a person’s world-view?
  10. Does the description of our Earth as “a privileged planet” offer a better description of our home?