Journey of Faith: Landmarks

  1. In last week’s message, we talked about detours that lead us away from the journey to which God has called each of us.  What are some detours in your journey?  What circumstances led to those detours?  How did you find your way back and join God on the journey?

  2. “Repentance” is the Biblical term for returning after a detour.  It involves three things – (1) Leaving the place where the detour led us, (2) Returning to the place of the detour, (3) Calling on the Lord.  How does this help you to understand the nature of Biblical repentance?  What are some other ways to understand repentance?

  3. Landmarks are also a part of the journey.  Landmarks include repentance from detours as well as other significant events in our faith journey.  What are some landmarks (significant events) you have experienced on your faith journey?  How do those landmarks help you in your faith walk today?