Journey of Faith: Landmarks Part 2

  1. Pastor Dan spoke of two kinds of landmarks – those that result from our return (repentance) from detours, and those that are the result of unique experiences in our lives. Spend some time talking about these landmarks in your group. Take time and share some of the landmarks that mark your journey of faith.

  2. Read Romans 5:3-5, James 1:2-4. Discuss the relationship between trials, detours, and landmarks. Is it fair to say that many of our detours are the result of not handling our trials well? (Remember Abram’s detour in Genesis 12:10 was the result of a trial – the famine in Canaan.)

  3. How much easier is it to recognize spiritual landmarks as we look backwards at our journey of faith?

  4. How has this series on our journey of faith encouraged you in your walk with Christ?