The Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life: Meditation (Psalm 1, Mark 6:30-32)


  1. Pastor Dan talked about his experience in learning the “rhythm of the woods.” He compared this to learning the “rhythm of life”.  The rhythm of life that God calls us to is very different from that of the world.  Discuss some of these differences.  How can mediation help us to discover the rhythm of life from God’s perspective?
  2. Based on the message, share some of the differnces between Eastern meditation and Christian meditation.  Remember “detachment” versus “attachemnt” as well as “emptied” versus “filled”.
  3. What are some obstacles to the practice of meditation in our lives?
  4. Review Psalm 1.  Discuss the following –
               1.  What does it mean to meditate on God’s word “day and night”?
               2.  The image of our lives like trees “planted by streams of water.”
               3.  The importance and meaning of the phrase, “yields its fruit in its season.”
               4.  The importance and meaning of the phrase, “its leaf does not wither.”
  5. What is the difference between the Bible and the “living Word of God”?
  6. How does meditation help us to hear the living word of God rather than simply understanding the truths and precepts found in the Bible?