The Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life: Fasting (Matt. 4:4, Isaiah 58:1-9)

1.  What did you learn from this message about fasting?  What questions do you have?

2.  Pastor Dan discussed ways that fasting reveals our flesh, or attitudes and actions that are not Christ-like.  Why is this important?  How should we respond to these revelations of our flesh?
3.  Fasting reveals the slavery to our earthly or worldly appetites.  How important is it that we understand what controls or enslaves us?  What should be our response to these revelations?
4.  Pastor Dan mentioned that fasting leads to spiritual nourishment (see Matt. 4:4).  What does this mean to you?  Have you experienced this in your life?
5.  Read Isaiah 58:1-9.  What does this passage teach about the pitfalls of fasting?