1.  Read Hosea 6:6.  Describe the ways in which the religious leaders differed from Jesus regarding “sacrifice” and “mercy”.  Does this verse mean that sacrifice is not important?  How can we maintain both sacrifice and mercy in our lives and churches?
2.  Read Mark 2:27 – How should this truth guide us in ministry both in our churches and individual lives?  Discuss some benefits that come to those who observe the Sabbath?  Side question – Why did God rest on the seventh day? (Gen. 2:1-3)
3.  Read 2 Cor. 3:1-6.  Discuss the contrasts between “ink and Spirit”, “tablets of stone” versus “tablets of human hearts”, and “the letter kills” versus “the Spirit gives life.”   What difference do these two kinds of approach to ministry make in providing churches where healing and encouragement take place instead of burn out and discouragement.
4.  Discuss this statement – Restoration of hearts and lives matters more than religious observance and right doctrine.   Also discuss – How important is religious observance and right doctrine?