1. Bethleham was a place associated with many Biblcal events.  Discuss the following events and how you think they related to God’s choice of Bethlehem as the birth place of his son . . .
    1. The death of Rachel and the birth of Ben Oni (Son of My Sorrow) or Bejamin (Son of My Right Hand – Jacob’s name for the son born to Rachel)
    2. The choice of young David as King of Israel in I Samuel 16.
  2. Augustus Caesar issued the decree that fulfilled the prophecy of Micah 5:2.  What does this tell us about the sovereignty of God in the history of our world and in our own lives?
  3. Take some time and talk about Advent in general.  What does this tradition mean to you?  What are some ways we can celebrate advent and keep our focus on the birht of Christ during this time of year?
  4. Share with members of your group times when the light of Christ has seen you through times of darkness.