1.  What are some things that discourage us from the practice of solitude?
2.  What are some ways you can relate to the story of Elijah at Mount Horeb as described in I Kings 19?
3.  Do you agree that many of our words/conversations are aimed at justifying our actions or inactions?  How does the practice of solitude help us to overcome this need to justify ourselves in the eyes of others?
4.  Discuss the needed balance between solitude and community.  Why are both important?  What are some pitfall associated with a lack of balance between community and solitude?
5. Review the Scriptures in the message detailing the practice of solitude by Jesus.  Take time to discuss and reflect on these passages.
6.  Review the practical advice on practicing solitude.  What are some things we can do to carry out this advice in our lives?
7.  Review the fruits of practicing solitude.  Which ones do you personally connect with?
Take time to pray and ask God to help with the discipline of solitude.