1.  Discuss how the discipline of submission sets us free from the need to always get our own way.  How important is this in our individual lives?  How important is this in the church?
2.  Submission should never be practiced when it becomes desturctive.  Sometimes this is easy to determine and sometimes it is not.  What are some of the more difficult cirucmstances we may face regarding whether submission is destructive or not?  Example – A wife who feels trapped and unfulfilled due to an overbearing and domineering husband.
3.  How does the practice of submission bring true spiritual authority in our lives?  What is the price that we must pay to experience this kind of spritual authority?
4.  What are some ways we can encourage and help those who in positions of leadership in the church, but do not understand or practice submission – that is, those who no not understand spiritual authority.
5.  Share some issues or testimonies regarding submission issues in your life, past or present.