1.  Read the words of Psalm 2:1-3.  Discuss how this Psalm describes the nature of sin in our world today?
2.  Another word for sin (not described in the message) describes it as “missing the mark”.  An example would be an archer missing the target.  How does this describe win and its impact on our lives individually?
3.  How important was it for Jesus, our sacrifice for sin, to be sinless himself?
4.  What would be the effect of the cross if Jesus had not been without sin?
5.  Read I Corinthians 15:12-19.  How important is it that we understand the cross and the resurrection as the foundation of our faith?
6.  Were all those who followed God prior to the cross saved by the blood of Christ, or some other means?  Explain.
7.  Discuss the various symbols found in the Tabernacle of Israel and how they foreshadow the New Testament and the work of Jesus Christ.