1.  What does shared leadership in the church mean to you?  How is this seen practically in the everyday life of a church?
2.  How does an understanding of Philippians 3:20 inform the following –
Our politics?  Our relationships with others who belong to nations and cultures different from our own?  Our view of human leadership in solving the difficult issues in our world?  Our patriotism?
3.  How can we serve as peacemakers of God’s kingdom as we live here among the many diverse kingdoms, camps, and politics of our world?
4. Acts 13:1-3 and Acts 15 are examples of corporate guidance in the church.  Reflect on these passages and share your thoughts regarding what we can learn today from the example of the first century church.
5.  In what ways have you experienced corporate guidance in your small group?
6.  Why is the concept of servant leadership so important for spiritual leaders?  How does this teaching relate to corporate guidance?