Luke 4:16-19
1. Richard Foster in his book, Celebration of Discipline states that all of the other disciplines giver birth to the discipline of Celebration. What does this teach us about the result of practicing the spiritual disciplines in our lives?

2. Apart from celebration, all the other disciplines become rituals of self-righteousness, bringing death instead of life. Discuss.

3. The secret to experiencing the power of celebration is found in obedience, specificallyh, daily obedience. Discuss the role of obedience in the Christian life. How do we avoid turning obedience into legalistic duty?

4. In your own words, what is hypocritical celebration, and how do we guard against it?

5. Pastor Dan stated that celebration was the result of a right perspective. Reread Philippians 4:6-8 and discuss this passage and what it teaches regarding proper perspective in life as followers of Jesus.

6. Discuss – The decision to set our minds on higher things is an act of the will.