1.  We focused on 3 words in Sunday’s message — endurance, test, life.  Discuss the importance of these words as found in James and the recorded words of Christ in Scripture.

2.  Read and discuss Romans 5:3-5.  Answer the following–How does endurance lead to stronger character in our Christian walk?  How is “hope” and the “love of God poured out in our hearts related to “life” as understood in the New Testament?

3. Why is it important in Christian discipleship to remind followers of Jesus to run their personal race of faith and not that of others.  See Hebrews 12:1.

4.  Retread John 17:3.  Why is the description of eternal life by Jesus in this passage important?

5.  How does receiving the “crown of life”, or becoming “perfect and complete” help us in the process of “becoming real”.

6.  Share with group members testimonies of how God has used crises for good in your life.