1.  In James 1:14 it says, “But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.”   What do the phrases, “each person”, and “his own” say to you about temptation in our lives?

2.  Once again, in James 1:14 it speaks of being “lured and enticed”.  The image is of bait and a trap to catch unsuspecting prey.  Discuss the following — What kind of “bait” is used by Satan to ensnare people in sin?  What are some natural, God given desires that Satan exploits in the lives of people?  I Peter 5:8 pictures Satan prowling like a lion seeking to devour.  It warns us to be sober and vigilant against our adversary.  Discuss the teaching and connection between this passage and our passage in James.

3.  What are some things for which people blame God?  What connection, if any, does Romans 9:20-21 have with James 1:13?

4.  In James 1:15 he says that desire “conceives”.   What do you think this teaches about desire, temptation, and sin?  Why do you suppose James uses the image of pregnancy, birth, growth, life, and death to warn us of giving in to temptation?