The Virgin Birth (Luke 1:26-38)
1.  Pastor Dan shared several stories of “miraculous births”, including Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, Buddha, Krishna, and others.  In what ways is the story of the virgin birth of Christ different from these?  What do these differences teach us about God?
2.  Reread Mark 6:2-3, and John 8:40-41.  Discuss the possibility that these passages infer that people in Jesus’ day discussed his “illegitimate” birth.  What do you suppose was the impact of these stories on people in Jesus’ home town, on Jesus’ family, and on those who sought to learn about this upstart Rabbi from the small, rural area of Galilee?
3.  Why was it important for Jesus to be both fully God, and fully man?
4.  Read Hebrews 4:15.  Discuss.  What does this verse teach us?  How does this verse encourage you?  How does this verse relate to the virgin birth?
5.  The virgin birth allowed the cross to demonstrate both God’s holiness, and God’s love.  Discuss these two vital attributes of God, and why they are so important to our understanding of — sin, grace, judgment, mercy, and most important — discipleship.