1.  Pastor Dan defined the Kingdom of God as the reign and rule of Jesus Christ in the lives of his people and churches.  In light of this definition, discuss the difference between the Kingdom of God and the church.  How evident is God’s kingdom in your life, family, church . . .?

2.  What are some ways we share in the joys of our fellow believers?  One example is baby showers at SIBC.  What are other ways?

3.  What are some ways we share in the sorrows of our fellow believers?

4.  What do you believe is the significance of sick church members calling on the elders of the church to anoint them with oil and pray?

5.  What are some appropriate as well as inappropriate ways that Christians confess their sins to one another?

6.  What is James trying to tell us when he says that Elijah was a man of like passions, but powerful prayers?

7.  Discuss the following phrases from James 1:19-20 — “wanders from the truth”, “save his soul from death”, “cover a multitude of sins”.