1.  ³My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?² are the words that Jesus
cried out on the cross.  They are also the words found in Psalm 22:1.
Take time to read this entire Psalm, and discuss its relationship to, and
description of the cross of Christ.

2.  Read John 1:5.  There are two possible translations of this verse.
One translation reads, ³the darkness has not overcome it.², the other
reads, ³the darkness has not comprehended it.².  Discuss the meaning of
both possible translations.  Why hasn¹t the darkness overcome the light?
Why doesn¹t the darkness understand the light?  NOTE: It is very possible
that both translations are accurate, as the word used in this passage
actually carries a double meaning.

3.  Read John 3:19-20.  Why do people love darkness more than light?  Why
is light coming into the world, the judgment of God?  Discuss the phrase,
³because their deeds were evil.²  What are evil deeds?

4.  Discuss Hebrews 2:18 and I John 3:18.  What does it mean to you that
³Jesus tasted death for everyone.²?  What does it mean to you that Jesus
³destroyed the works of the devil.².  If Jesus destroyed the works of the
devil, why is there still so much evil in our world?

5.  Share with group members what the cross of Christ and forgiveness of
sin means to you personally.