1. Several,reasons are given in the gospels for the crucifixion of Jesus by the religious leaders as indicated in the Scriptures below.  Read and discuss each one.
    John 11:45-50, Mark 15:6-11,
  2. In Luke 22:1-2 and throughout the gospels, we are told that the religious leaders were afraid of the people, because of their overwhelming support of Jesus.  Share your thoughts about this fear, and what it might indicate about the attitudes and leadership of the religious leaders.
  3. Pastor Dan spoke of the change in Herod between the death of John the Baptist, and his meeting with Jesus.  The same man who “gladly heard John”, and was grieved to behead him treated Jesus with contempt.  Discuss not only the hardening of Herod’s heart, but how people can grow hard and calloused toward God.  In your opinion, what are some things that cause people to harden their hearts?