Discuss the following questions that Pastor Dan asked at the beginning of the message.  While mentioning some of Dan’s answers given during the message, seek to answer and discuss these questions on a personal level.

Reminder — 1.  How important is it in the life of a Christian to know God’s will?

2.  Can we really know God’s will?

3.  If God’s will is something we can know, why do so many Christians struggle to know it?

Dallas Williard once described God’s will as somewhat flexible.  He used the example of hearing his children happily playing in the backyard while in his study.  WHERE his children were (backyard, house, etc.) was not important.  Knowing they were together and happy was what really mattered to him.  Discuss this example and share your thoughts on what it may teach us about God’s will.

Pastor Dan emphasized the active verb translated “to test” or “prove” in Romans 12:2.  Based on this, discuss our role in discovering and walking in God’s will for our lives.

How do you believe churches discover and walk in God’s will?

How important is community and the counsel of others in discovering God’s will for our individual lives?  For that matter, how important is community for the Christian life?