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SIBC supports many different missions, both within its neighborhood (Seoul and South Korea) and Asia. Support comes in many forms—financial resources, human resources (time, and travel to mission areas), and prayer support.  SIBC is a missions-focused body of believers, with at least 25% of our yearly budget devoted to missions. In addition, SIBC maintains a faith-based budget, which means we do not limit ourselves to those tithes and offerings we expect to receive, but rather build a missions budget based upon what we believe the Lord would have us do. SIBC attendees (members and guests) are encouraged to get involved in our missions, so please contact us via email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Domestic Missions/Outreach Opportunities

Homeless Ministry

When: First Sunday of the month at 12:45pm (meet in the kitchen following the morning service)

Where: Seoul Station

What: The homeless ministry puts together care packages to take to homeless people living at/near Seoul Station. The packages usually include items like kimbap, juice boxes, other consumable items, toiletries. In the winter we also collect socks, gloves and hot packs to distribute.

Who: Anyone can participate. Many past participants have taken their children along to help serve.

International Playgroup

When: Every Tuesday (during the school year, except holidays) from 10:00 – 11:30am.

Where: SIBC First floor

What: Playgroup has four major sections – free play, story and song time, snack, and craft time. It is a great opportunity for children to socialize with their peers while their parents/caregivers can enjoy a cup of coffee and some adult conversation. Search “Seoul International Playgroup” on Facebook and join the group for more up to date information.

Who: Parents, caregivers, and children up to 5 years old.


Movie Nights/Other Events

What: Every month or two, the Outreach team is planning events to for those in our community (neighbours, coworkers, friends). These events are designed to be low-key, fun and welcoming for all. Some examples are movie nights, and a photo scavenger hunt (October 10th). Events will be advertised in services, on the church website ( and on Facebook ( and

Overseas Missions Opportunities

Asia Baptist Network and other opportunities in South-East Asia

In August 2015, SIBC partnered with Koza Baptist Church, Songtan Central Baptist Church, Tokyo Baptist Church, and Yokohama International Baptist Church to form the Asia Baptist Network – a network whose goal is to promote cooperation between these churches to further the spread of the Gospel in our region. As we now have this partnership, we will be discussing with these churches the possibility of sending teams and/or individuals to work with these churches to spread the Gospel in their communities. In addition to these churches, we have relationships with churches and/or organizations in Thailand, Saipan, Guam, China, and Malaysia. If you and/or your family will be heading to one of these regions for business or vacation and you would like to participate in some sort of help to connect you with people in those areas. We realize that when we plan a missions trip that is open to our congregation that everyone may not be available to go on the dates we have set, so we are Likewise, if you have contacts in another region or country that would be open to the possibility of people coming to do similar work, please contact

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