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A Video Introduction to Go With God Global

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Go With God Leadership: Dr. Ben Brown, Dr. Jim Zhao, and Ms. Helen Goh[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]We are currently partnering with a ministry called Go With God Global (GWG), in China. The ministry focuses on getting Bibles into the hands of our Chinese brothers and sisters. GWG was established in response to the blessings of God in China, distributing with the assistance of its ministry partners  approximately 3 million free and legally placed Bibles since September 2008 (4.7 million since inception). GWG continues to be the only legal organization approved by the national China Christian Counsel for the distribution of Bibles and training of pastors across China.

Dr. Ben Brown and his approved partners are also legally training Chinese pastors, teachers, and evangelists from more than half of the population base across China.

GWG’s biggest support gifts actually come from China sources. It is amazing that those who receive the ministry of GWG are some of the largest contributors to support this ministry as it continues to grow and give. This is a very humbling fact and realization. May God be praised by the continued work of our hands as we serve His Kingdom![/wpcol_1half_end]