A Wife's Rebuke

My wife rebuked me the other day. She said I was acting holier than thou. Sherri was driving, as usual. I’ve often said that the reason Sherri does most of the driving is we argue less. That’s partially true. The other reason is that I can be a bit of a space cadet at...

Spiritual Gifts

A few weeks ago, Pastor Dave preached on the subject of Spiritual Gifts. You can find the link to the sermon here. If you would like to do further study on the spiritual gifts, you can download this file, that summarizes the spiritual gifts as found in the New...

Pray in Faith

Both worship services this weekend were powerful. The prayer testimonies experienced in each service were a blessing to many people, and I believe, will serve to encourage more people to commit to prayer in the days ahead. Prayer really is our life breath as...

Mythological Hell

This Sunday we begin a three week study on the subject of hell.  In recent years, I have encountered more and more Christians who dismiss the idea of hell.  I’ve read more and more church leaders who explain hell as a metaphor, or as non-existant. Interestingly...

SIBC in 2011

It’s a new year and for many of us that means new beginnings.  Like our new Wednesday night prayer service and ladies Bible study.  I’ve just come from an encouraging prayer meeting, and even as I type these words my precious wife Sherri, and a wonderful group of...

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